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How to repair PST file

Modified on 01/01/2019

A remarkably efficient Microsoft Outlook PST file repair tool that combines an intuitive UI and a uniquely capable core. The software a must-have for anyone who wants to know how to repair PST file in Outlook without sharing data with third parties and spending a fortune on their services.

The repairing of corrupted PST files of Microsoft Outlook - step-by-step instruction:

  1. Download PST Repair Kit here:
  2. Install PST Repair Kit
  3. Start PST Repair Kit
  4. Select corrupted *.pst file
  5. Press Next
  6. Select Recovery mode
  7. Press Next
  8. Preview and select the recovered content from damaged PST file
  9. Press Next
  10. Specifying the path where to save the recovered data
  11. Press Next
  12. Select Save as PST file
  13. Press Save button

MS Outlook PST repair tool

How to repair PST file in Outlook?

PST Repair Kit is a compact, convenient and extremely reliable MS Outlook PST repair tool from Repair Kit, a leading supplier of data recovery software for popular MS Office applications and other products and file formats. The program is intended for skilled users facing PST corruption problems on a regular basis in their corporate network, and regular home users who don't know how to take advantage of specialized MS Outlook PST repair tools to restore their data.

PST Repair Kit is based on an advanced data recovery engine developed by the company's experts, which enables it to deliver excellent results even in situations where other MS Outlook PST repair tools appear helpless. PST Repair Kit supports OST (offline storage) and PST files of Microsoft Outlook damaged in all types of data corruption accidents - ranging from files system crashes to virus attacks - and helps users who don't know how to repair PST files in Outlook get the job done in minutes.

Microsoft Outlook PST file repair tool

The interface of the program is clean, lightweight and intuitive, making Outlook data recovery a snap even for those who have no idea how to repair PST file in Outlook. This Microsoft Outlook PST file repair tool uses a multi-step recovery wizard that dramatically facilitates the recovery procedure and requires minimal user involvement. The program supports all versions of Outlook PST files in ANSI/UNICODE formats and repairs the entire range of standard Outlook items: emails, attachments, tasks, contacts, notes and others.

How to repair PST files in Outlook?

Below is a list of the program's key features:

  • Fast and comprehensive recovery of data from *.PST and *.OST files in ANSII and UNICODE formats
  • Support of a broad range of PST/OST file versions: 97, 98, 2000, 2002, 2003, 2007, 2010, 2013, 2016, 2019.
  • Recovery of data from files of over 2 GB in size.
  • Support of recovery from corrupted *.OST files for all versions.
  • Conversion of Outlook *.OST files to the *.PST format.
  • Support of two data extraction modes: recovery (to PST) and conversion (to a set of files of different formats)
  • Saving of Outlook data files as separate *.MSG, *.EML, *.VCF files
  • Support of email messages in various formats: plain text, RTF and HTML.
  • Recovery of file attachments.
  • Fixing of errors caused by the incorrect operation of the scanpst.exe utility.
  • Full restoration of the original folder structure.
  • Possibility to split the resulting PST files into segments of a specific size.
  • Recovery from password-protected PST/OST files.
  • Recovery from encrypted and unencrypted *.OST and *.PST files.
  • Selective extraction of restored folders and objects thanks to an integrated file browser.
  • An intuitive and easy-to-follow wizard-driven UI with drag'n'drop support.
  • Full compatibility with Windows 98, NT 4.0, 2000, Me, XP, Vista, 7, 8/8.1 and Windows 10.
Microsoft Outlook .PST repair tool

This Microsoft Outlook PST file repair tool saves recovered data either to the PST format or a set of EML, MSG and VCF files on the user's hard drive. For more convenience, the program features an integrated OST/PST file browser that lets the user see a complete list of recoverable elements and exclude some of them from subsequent recovery. Apart from being used as a Microsoft Outlook .PST repair tool, the program can also efficiently convert OST files to the PST format.

System requirements: Windows 98 and above

Customer's reviews and ratings
Savanah Villegas 2021-04-28

The converter worked fine for my problem. Contacts and letters came back to me.

Karla Downs 2021-04-14

I found all repaired messages in my personal folder. But my contacts group contains only names.

Elliana Hull 2021-04-05

I was able to find all my emails that were deleted/corrupted, but when i open contacts, some contacts only contains their Email without Name and Address information :(

Mekhi Wu 2021-03-24

Repaired the entire Outlook database with a size of 34Gb. I paid the normal amount, but I received all the incoming emails in one folder, although they were in different folders.

Alexis Cooke 2021-03-17

I fixed the file and immediately converted it, I can't endure Outlook 365 anymore. Go offline old version MS Outlook 2016

Maci Pugh 2021-03-03

I received a link to the repaired file via mail, I have not checked it yet because Outlook 365 cannot read it. Tomorrow I will check at work with offline Outlook 2019. The file weighs more than 2GB!

Abderian Hose 2021-02-17

If scanpst.exe does not help to fix the error "it is not personal folder" like mine. Try this tool because it helped me after. Try the offline version to make sure your .pst file is recoverable

Uriel Roman 2021-02-10

System restore was grabbing my profile in Outlook 2003. It stopped opening the .pst file, citing it might be corrupted. I was recommended to fix the file, only after the repair I got access to my address book and letters.

Rose Theo 2021-02-04

After fixing the file, my error still persists. I looked at items in my inbox and they disappeared after looking at other folders. As we later found out with those support that my file was not damaged. I somehow put filters on my Inbox, which made everything disappear. Also, technical support confirmed the fact that the mailbox was in good condition, and I was refunded for online repair. Thank you very much for your work and for your honesty

Elina Carter 2021-01-21

After fixing the Outlook 2003 file, only the folders with the message count are shown in the preview. It will probably be better if you still show a couple of messages from these folders.

Irroration 2021-01-13

After the "Repairing file" process, there were fewer files in the "Sent items" folder than there actually were. I was able to recover only those files that the program could repair from the Outlook 2007 .pst file.

Novalee Jeremiah 2020-12-30

The antivirus has started to recovering infected files and clean them from viruses. Outlook master .pst file has become corrupted. Your service, of course, helped with fixing errors, but all mail could not be restored. Letters and contacts were partially recovered.

Fibulalend 2020-12-23

Thank you for helping to solve the problems with empty folders and address book. Outlook 2007

Holland Angel 2020-12-16

Excellent support, accompanied me to complete repair of lost Outlook messages.

Sage Emery 2020-12-11

Probably the only program that works in Windows XP. An excellent viewer for PST files. I downloaded the program, started looking through all the PST files, and eventually returned to the site and restored my old mail. Life hack, saved

Guillermo Simon 2020-08-12

F*ck, I found deleted messages that are not displayed in Outlook 2013. It also turns out that the program has an OST to PST converter (I did not use it), and the recovery of deleted messages. I thought that I would save money by choosing online repair, but the program turned out to be much more advanced in functionality. In particular, you can restore letters from a deleted folder.

QeegLoopy 2020-08-06

Until I started it as an administrator, the repair tool did not work correctly, I ask you to write on the site that you need to run it as an administrator! Now the email looks very different from my first recovery.

Demetrius Anders 2020-08-01

I downloaded the recovery tool to see if it can fix the corrupted .PST file, but didn't buy. Since my Outlook broke for the first time in 5 years, and I don't know when else this will happen. So far I have used online repair and immediately updated Outlook. I think next time my mail will not break.

Fartsdump 2020-08-01

I didn't think it would be so easy to fix a corrupted Microsoft Outlook .pst file. Thank you, the file was repaired immediately after downloading, I recommend it.

Alex 2018-09-05

Tool helps to repair .PST file of Outlook 2016. But speed was poor: 3Gb was repaired in 3 hour. All messages was returned back.

JamesA 2017-11-02

I can recover all deleted messages by use forensic mode. Good!

HelenP 2016-05-12

Easy to repair PST file by use service.

Max 2014-01-24

ScanPST cannot fix my file. But this service can do this. Thanks!

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